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  1. Take the vehicle apart

  2. Vehicle is disassembled, parts are removed for an accurate re-inspection of needed work.  Outer sheet metal panels, engine, interior panels, trim, bumper covers and fascia's are removed as necessary to access wear and tear from years of use.

  1. Remove the exterior trim and strip the paint to the bare metal

  2. All parts are then stripped down to bare sheet metal, where rust  is then removed, and integrity of metal is tested.

  1. Remove the interior

  2. Interior is then removed and stripped for re-upholstery, and throughout cleaning.

  1. Remove bolt-on body panels and body from chassis

  2. Body is completely removed from the chassis allowing more inspection of actual frame integrity as well as further inspection of work required.

  1. Remove the motor and transmission and disassemble the chassis

  2. Chassis is taken apart as well as the motor to get cleaned, sanded and re-painted

  1. Cut out rust, fabricate new pieces or obtain replacement pieces, weld in places

  2. Rust is taken removed, and new panels are set into place where rust has be removed

  1. Access the body for dents and waves, fix appropriately

  2. Body is carefully inspected again to make sure body panels and frame are smooth and dent free.

  1. Apply a light skim coat of filler to body, smooth out any minor inconsistencies

  2. Dents and impurities that are found are then removed and filled will body filler and smoothed out to make frame and panels looking brand new