Countryside Customs is located in Warrenville, IL a suburb of Chicago. The company was founded in 1984 with the goal of enhancing and delivering true automotive repair through the use of cutting-edge technology, while not sacrificing customer satisfaction. The president of Countryside Customs, Steve Bachorski, has been in the Auto body industry for over 32 years. His inspiration came from his knowledge of the body shop industry and his passion for customers. With the experience of the staff of Countryside Customs, they believe that customer service and delivering a quality product at a reasonable price is what distinguishes body shops.

With Countryside Customs, Steve’s goal was to offer something that would set his body shop apart from the rest. He envisioned the body shop as not just a place where you question everyone's ability, but as as a place where Customer Service Representatives are approachable and knowledgeable. 

Steve and staff understand the importance of good customer satisfaction, and quality products. This is exactly why Countryside Customs subscribes to the services of the ACRB, a independent third party consumer company. With the understanding of the industry and the backing of the ACRB, Countryside Customs is continuing to set the standard in the Collision Industry.

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“Steve’s goal was to offer something that would set his body shop apart from the rest.”

Countryside Customs  | 30W170 Butterfield Rd  |  Warrenville, IL 60555  |  630.393.6665